The Problem with the Abundance Mindset

One of my early entrepreneurial chapters was a landscaping, hardscaping, and property maintenance business. I had just graduated college with a pre-law poli-sci degree, but was simultaneously realizing, quite inconveniently at the point of this life milestone, that I actually couldn’t stand being indoors and working in an office 9-5. I had mowed lawns andContinue reading “The Problem with the Abundance Mindset”

2021: Our New Boyfriend Who Magically Makes Everything Right?

As I pull tacks from birch bark chains and coil cranberry strings, de-Christmasing the cabin to clean up for the New Year, I have time to reflect on the stack of cards we received this season. I notice a theme in much of the messaging. “Thank goodness that’s over!” “Well THAT was crazy!” “Hooray, 2021Continue reading “2021: Our New Boyfriend Who Magically Makes Everything Right?”