Coal Burned Spoon Update: The Water Flows Again

This summer of 2021, we’ve dedicated 2 days per week to come down off the mountain and make the hour drive to Lewiston. There, we’ve been cleaning, clearing, and organizing John’s general contracting shop to prepare for its sale this September. While there last week making my way through a corner of my old office,Continue reading “Coal Burned Spoon Update: The Water Flows Again”

2021: Our New Boyfriend Who Magically Makes Everything Right?

As I pull tacks from birch bark chains and coil cranberry strings, de-Christmasing the cabin to clean up for the New Year, I have time to reflect on the stack of cards we received this season. I notice a theme in much of the messaging. “Thank goodness that’s over!” “Well THAT was crazy!” “Hooray, 2021Continue reading “2021: Our New Boyfriend Who Magically Makes Everything Right?”

Passivhaus Power!

When we speak of the construction of homes and institutions today, the modern environmenally-conscious zeitgeist would have us focus on “reducing the carbon footprint” or eking closer to “net-neutral.” Imagine, for a moment, instead that we demanded answers to questions like “Will the carbon footprint on this building be net-*positive* immediately or will it takeContinue reading “Passivhaus Power!”

Civil Engineers and Architects: Building the Team

Any fairly large project that is successful, I think, will credit its success to a strong, competent, cohesive team comprised of top notch team members who each do their piece of the puzzle well. So building our eco-glamping sanctuary team carefully and thoughtfully, is something John and I both take seriously. Before we started thisContinue reading “Civil Engineers and Architects: Building the Team”