About Us

Karen Bolduc. Karen is a hardcore Mainer who likes to take her time and do things right. Once criticized for being too ‘cerebral,’ she is an odd blend of deep thinking and heavy lifting. She insists that in a fight between her and a hungry wolf in the wild, she would win. Karen and her husband John are the proud parents of two precocious and shockingly beautiful children, Elovie and Rhiordan, whom Karen only allows to play with wood scraps from John’s construction endeavors, and rocks. She subsists on a diet of her own vegetables, weeds, tree bark, and local restaurant dine-in. Karen holds deep affection for her home state of Maine and will stop at nothing until every willing soul on the planet has synchronized themselves with its natural rhythms and flavors, and been enlightened by the experience.


John Bolduc. John is an affable fellow, a visionary and a builder, also born and raised in Maine. Though normal-looking on the outside, John’s unconventional thoughts on the inside dart around a like pinball in an arcade game, and he isn’t afraid to let his mind haphazardly explore them. He is deeply moved by dynamic displays of the powerful human spirit, such as an Olympian landing a really hard jump, which cause him to immediately stop all talking and tear up just a little. One generation his wife’s senior, John is a closet thrill junkie who lusts after fast ski runs down double black diamonds, secretly believing that the purity of his love for skiing renders him divinely immune from harm while on the mountain. John sometimes finds innocent things suspicious, makes causal links where none exist, asks all questions indirectly, and is extraordinarily accessible and likeable.

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