Running Numbers & Establishing Mission HQ

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This week, my focus is on tightening up the numbers in our Pro Forma P&L and transforming all of our raw spreadsheet data into understandable, compelling financials to present to potential investors hopefully just after Thanksgiving. Meanwhile Johnny has all the fun: turning the shell of a cabin that was on the property when we purchased last month, into ‘Mission HQ’ – installing a woodstove, insulating the basement, setting up safety rails, etc.

Elovie Jewel, teaching little bro how to “pump” the swing at Mission HQ

The kids and I are there to “help” (hinder) him every weekend, but he is the champion/workhorse on that front. On the weekends, my task is simple: occasional muscle, and kid-duty. Last weekend, John helped me put up an old swing my Dad gave us and at least that keeps the kids busy for a few hours each day, buying me time to prep and cook up some awesome camp meals! Saturday, after letting our appetites restore for a few hours following our Acadian breakfast of Mailhot’s sausage and ployes with Maine maple syrup, we ended up having grilled paninis on our camp stove. Sautéed zucchini, peppers and onions STILL GOOD from this years garden (yyyeeooow!!) with an herb/cream cheese spread and olive tapenade. Yeah, we really rough it when we’re there….

Rhiordan John, eating his Acadian lumberjack breakfast at Mission HQ.

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