The Journey Begins…Raw mountains in Greenwood Maine.

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Thank you for your interest in our journey as we create our backcountry, alpine, food-focused eco-glamping accommodation in Greenwood, Maine! Our goal for this blog is to keep our friends and followers informed about the evolution of our Sanctuary.

My name is Karen Bolduc, and it is my voice you’ll hear in this blog. Writing this blog post is itself representative of the current step we’re on in our creation process: Develop a landing/shell website and open social media accounts. This is approximately step 12 of the many, many steps that we are tracking using a tool called a Gannt Chart, designed to illustrate a project schedule and show the dependency relationships between scheduled activities or steps.

I have 2 personal intentions for this blog: 1) to make the process of creating something big, overwhelming, unproven, expensive, and extraordinarily unconventional not seem so scary to folks – maybe it can inspire you do tap into your own passions and talents and do the same! And 2) to share the ups and downs of this process with our future guests. We expect it to be a crazy ride! We’re only 1 year into this journey so far and already the rollercoaster is yak-worthy!


Tibbets Mountain, Greenwood, Maine. 13 Oct 2019.

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