Visioning the Treehouses

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One super fun item I got to do today was fluff up and email over my digital scrapbook of cabins, chalets and treehouses to an architect who will likely be creating some graphic depictions of our proposed units to present to potential investors to give them a sense of our vision. A ‘market drawing’ if you will. This meant I got pour through internet images of treehouses and cabins and chalets and find the ones that most resonate with what we are looking to create. And this is my job?! I could get used to it. Just look at some of these beautiful structures from around the world that we are using for visual inspiration:

Meanwhile, yesterday at Mission HQ, Elovie and Rhiordan learned the fine art of stopping a sled that has momentum! There was just enough snow up there that the kids got to sled around for a little while, while Daddy painted linseed oil onto boards inside that he will later use to create a privacy screen for our makeshift bathroom. I guess they call that a “Wall.” Elovie is really excited for the bathroom and asks if John’s made it yet every time we go up! She says her cat (pictured below) named Silver really needs a potty.

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